Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Waiting for Magical Touch from Giggs to Gareth Bale

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Waiting for Magical Touch from Giggs to Gareth Bale

Waiting for Magical Touch from Giggs to Gareth Bale

The appointment of Ryan Giggs as the new manager of the Wales national team catapulted some great expectations. One of them is magical Giggs to restore Gareth Bale's declining performance due to hard-hit injuries.

Since the 2016/17 season ago, Bale is not able to show the maximum game he can show. This applies to his career at Real Madrid and also the Wales national team. Because, Bale too often deal with injuries.

Injury is also still a scourge for Bale in the 2017/18 season. The 28-year-old has only eight appearances for Madrid in La Liga, of which 18 have already been played.

Giggs's presence as Wales manager is expected to transmit many positive things for Bale. Especially, about how Giggs keeps his performance and avoids the risk of injury while still active as a player at Manchester United.

Giggs has already stated that it will not mind to share the experience with Bale.

"It's about conveying the experience you get as a player, but there are definitely some different things you will face," Giggs said.

"So maybe there will be further conversation because everyone wants a fit Garteh Bale, and everyone wants a good Welsh national team so you will have the best players to choose from," Giggs said.

As a note since joining Madrid from Tottenham in 2013 ago, Bale has only recorded twice playing more than 40 matches in all competitions in a single season.