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Five Countries That Have a Chance to Become Champions

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Five Countries That Have a Chance to Become Champions

Five Countries That Have a Chance to Become Champions

The 2018 World Cup battle that is being held in Russia is still leaving about six months away. However, with all the drama and emotion that is being presented at the biggest football party in the world, it is natural that many of the football lovers who can't wait to wait for the 2018 World Cup.

Therefore, we may act like a psychic to guess who is the strongest candidate to become the best soccer team in the world this year. Because, there are five teams who have a great chance to become champions in the 2018 World Cup Russia.

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Here are five countries that have a chance to become champions in the 2018 World Cup Russia:

5. Portugal

Portugal National Team

It's hard not to include Portugal in the list of winners of the World Cup title 2018, considering they are still a status as European ruler. Yes, Portugal can surprisingly come out as European Cup champions in 2016 by beating France in the final.

With that fact, it is only natural that Portugal can return its shock power to the world football lover by becoming champion in the 2018 World Cup. Why not? After all, they also have done in France.

Not only will appear without, Portugal itself currently already has a squad of young players and combination of experience is quite extraordinary. The names of Joao Mario, Luis Nani, to Cristiano Ronaldo will be good mentors for young players like Renato Sanches, Bernardo Silva, and Andre Silva.

Not only that, the fact that the 2018 World Cup Russia may be the last big event this Ronaldo with Portugal, became an additional motivation for Fernando Santos's children. Of course, they do not want their best players to finish a career without feeling the sweetness of the World Cup title.

4. Argentina

Argetina National Team

Argentina is struggling to get a ticket to Russia. The reason, Argentina had failed to fail in 2018 World Cup because failing to show the appearance in qualifying South America zone.

Lucky they are able to improve their performance in the last few matches until finally qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals. The arrival of Argentina in the 2018 World Cup made them become one of the champions.

Because in addition to having a number of quality players in the squad, the 2018 World Cup may also be the last chance for Lionel Messi present an international title for his country.

For Messi, himself is now 30 years old, and several times expressed his desire to retire from the national team. And the failure in the 2018 World Cup, maybe more intense Messi's desire to finish his adventure with Argentina.

3. France

France National Team

France may fail to win at European Cup 2016 after losing 0-1 from Portugal. Will they have a great chance to pay for his failure by bringing home World Cup trophies from Russia this year?

The entry of France itself in this list is not without good reason. The reason, the French have found the figure of their new generation of gold in Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, N'Golo Kante, Ousmane Dembele, to Kylian Mbappe.

The composition of the young talents was pretty good with a mix of senior players like Hugo Lloris, Laurent Koscielny, Olivier Giroud, and Blaise Matuidi. But that being, almost half of the players in the French squad now play in the Premier League. Which one is the busiest in the world, until-yet know Christmas. The situation could have an impact on the physical condition of the French players when show up in World Cup match.

2. Brazil

Brazil National Team

With the status as the owner of the World Cup title, it is strange that Brazil is not on this list. Moreover, Brazil became one of the last team guaranteed a place to the 2018 World Cup besides the host Russia.

In addition, Brazil itself currently has a pretty strong squad in every lininya. Which they did not find when they held the same event four years ago at home.

At this time the Brazil squad can be said to be a more mature squad with the age of 26-29 years on the players. Brazilian gait will feel more attractive with the presence of a number of talented young players in the self Gabriel Jesus, Marquinhos, to Ederson Moraes.

The combination of experienced players and young players feels more comfortable under the direction of renowned coaches in self Adenor Leonardo Bacchi or often called Tite. With all that, it is worth the Brazilian gait in the 2018 World Cup.

1. Germany

Germany National Team

Same with France, Germany may fail miserably in the 2016 European Cup. Will it not be a benchmark for their gait in the 2018 World Cup finals. Moreover, Germany itself status as a champion of FIFA World Cup 2014.

Five Countries That Have a Chance to Become Champions