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Giggs Towards Wales National Team Coach Seat

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Giggs Towards Wales National Team Coach Seat
Giggs Towards Wales National Team Coach Seat

Giggs Towards Wales National Team Coach Seat.

The Wales national team coach's seat is currently empty since the abandonment of Chris Coleman, who now handles Sunderland. The local football federation has been eyeing a number of potential successors.

One of them is the legend of Wales and Manchester United, namely Ryan Giggs.

According to the BBC, Giggs has undergone an official interview for the job. But he is not the only candidate.

There is one former Welsh player who is also considered by the federation. He is Craig Bellamy, former Newcastle and Manchester City striker.

Giggs had expressed interest in becoming coach of the national team. Now, his wish seemed to start to reality.

Giggs himself has experience training from Manchester United. He was once the assistant manager of Louis van Gaal at Old Trafford.

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The Legend of Ryan Giggs Official Train Team Wales

The Football Federation of Wales finally chose the legendary figure, Ryan Giggs, to become manager of the Wales national team. As manager, Giggs will be tasked with bringing Wales to Euro 2020 and 2022 World Cup.

Wales has previously split with manager Chris Coleman, after failing to appear in the 2018 World Cup finals, held in Russia.

After considering several names, the Giggs party was eventually selected as manager. The announcement of the appointment of Giggs as the new manager of Wales national team has been confirmed directly through the official social media accounts owned by the Football Federation of Wales.

Giggs is a legendary figure for Wales, a player who throughout his professional career only ever played at Manchester United, listed 64 caps alongside Wales. Giggs service period for the Drangons as a player occurred in the period 1991 to 2007 ago.

As a player, Giggs has never been able to bring Wales to play in major tournaments like the World Cup and the Euro.

Before it is certain to train Gareth Bale and colleagues, Giggs had become a caretaker for United at the end of the 2013/14 season after the club sacked David Moyes and became assistant Louis van Gaal at United. Giggs left the position of United's assistant coach when Jose Mourinho came.

Giggs Trains Wales National Team After Receiving Suggestions from Fergie

Ryan Giggs reveals the crucial figure that determines why he is willing to accept proposal as manager of Wales national team. According to Giggs, he first talked to Sir Alex Ferguson when the offer came.

Giggs is not a stranger with Fergie. The former Manchester United winger has been raised by Fergie for 23 years at Old Trafford.

After talking with Fergie, Giggs then received a proposal Wales. The 44-year-old manager was announced by the Wales Football Federation as the new manager for the national team on Monday (15/1) local time. Giggs replaces Chris Coleman.

"It would be very stupid [if I refuse this offer] Fergie is one of the best managers of all time I talk to him but I want to be myself, I am my own person," Giggs said.

In addition to United's legend, with 25 achievements, Giggs is also a legend for the Wales team. However, Giggs never gave the title for his country. Giggs even always failed to bring Wales to play in major tournaments like the Euro and the World Cup.

Well, as a manager, Giggs is now on the road to bring Wales to the 2020 Euro and 2022 World Cup.

"It's our recurring thing to say, having a good career as a player does not mean it will also be good as a manager but I will do what ever I do as a player I want to enjoy it, there are a lot of things I have to do" Giggs lid.

Good Luck Wales National Team !

Pato Wants to Play with Brazil - FIFA World Cup 2018

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Pato Wants to Play with Brazil in Fifa World Cup 2018
Pato Wants to Play with Brazil in Fifa World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 - Both women and men are certainly no stranger to the FIFA World Cup even though they are not soccer fans. The FIFA World Cup is the greatest-anticipated football competency, in which the international race is followed by a FIFA team that is the world's soccer organization.

The race is held every 4 years starting from 19130, except in 1942 and 1946 because of World War II. The current World Cup champion is the German country that won the match in Brazil in 2014.

The format of this match is in 1 month there are 32 teams competing for the champion in the sports rink provided by the host. The qualifying phase will be held within 3 years of the World Cup. This event is a much-watched and awaited sporting competence over Olympic events, so it's no wonder if every World Cup event always delivers an exciting surprise.

In 1904 FIFA was established as an organizing body of special international soccer competitions outside the Olympic program which began to be held in 1906 in Switzerland.

According to FIFA, this tournament is a failure but understandable because at that time FIFA has just formed. In 1909 the Lipton tournament was held in Torino which is the origin of the World Cup.

Where this tournament is a competency whose team represents one country. when President Jules Rimet took the lead, FIFA began to organize the international soccer competitions apart from the Olympic Games.

Therefore in 1928, exactly May 28, FIFA began to decide to organize the tournament itself. Where Uruguay is designated as the host.

Where at that time the difficulties faced is to travel between continents. Where some South American teams could not leave for Europe in 1934 and 1938.

The World Cup in 1942 and 1946 to be held in Germany and Brazil was canceled due to the outbreak of World War II. In 1950 the World Cup was held in Brazil and began to be followed by a British state that came out in 1920.

In 1982 the contest participants became 24 teams and added in 1998 to 32 teams.

The World Cup is always selected through the FIFA congress where South America and Europe are the main centers. In 1958 FIFA began to implement a host system in turn for Europe and America.
For the 2002 World Cup began the holding of this event in Asia organized by
South Korea and Japan making it the first World Cup to host more than one.
Currently, the selection process of the host is conducted by way of voting by the FIFA Executive Committee by using a complete ballot.

For the 2022 World Cup, Qatar was chosen as the host of the organizers. Despite the severance of diplomatic relations of some countries due to allegations Qatar supports terrorists. So this certainly gives a very wide effect including in the implementation of the 2022 World Cup.

But according to FIFA this event will continue to run because FIFA is a football-related organization and does not intervene geopolitical problems of the region's origin safe despite a political crisis.
And that's the discussion about the FIFA World Cup.

Pato Wants to Play with Brazil - FIFA World Cup 2018

Alexandre Pato still wants to defend the Brazilian national team in the 2018 World Cup finals. But to get the opportunity, Pato should be able to take the heart of Tite coach.

The player who has been a star at AC Milan is no longer playing for Team Samba since October 2013. Pato opportunity to return to national players is difficult because Brazil now has a lot of stock players.

Alexandre Pato's chance to be featured in Brazil's national squad for facing the 2018 World Cup rivals in Russia in June will seem very difficult to achieve.

But for the Tianjin Quanjian club attacker it still keeps the fancy to participate and seize the place to bring the challenge of his country.

The player who at one time was labeled as 'wonderkid' for Brazil was a despair of international action since October 2013. The circumstances that made him so desperate to steal the attention of the chairman of Brazilian coach.

Pato, 28, scored 15 goals in 24 appearances to help Tianjin Quanjian finish the Chinese Super League rivals in 3rd place.

The number of 15 goals from 24 appearances to bring Tianjin Quanjian finish in third position China Super League was not a guarantee. "I've been working all year and always thinking about the national team, which means adding more physical work at home," he told Omnisport on Wednesday (17/1/2018).

Pato revealed if he always worked to get back the opportunity to wear the national team uniform. "I want to play in big tournaments, I managed to bring the club to the highest level that no one ever expected."

Coach Tite does not completely glance at a number of players who graze in China. At least, two players Shandong Luneng Gil and Diego Tardelli with Renato Augusto from Beijing Guoan are still Tite's attention.

"I have produced a great year and I think that opportunity is there.As Gil, Tardelli, and Renato have gained, I think I still have plenty of time for the World Cup, I will try and focus on working in China and if the opportunity finally comes, I am very happy, I work 100 percent to return to the national team. "

"In every game, I give the best so I believe, who knows, I can get a chance to get back in. Who knows, maybe (I can) play in friendlies or anything else involving the national team so I can show my work again to Tite's coach, "

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Five Countries That Have a Chance to Become Champions

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Five Countries That Have a Chance to Become Champions

Five Countries That Have a Chance to Become Champions

The 2018 World Cup battle that is being held in Russia is still leaving about six months away. However, with all the drama and emotion that is being presented at the biggest football party in the world, it is natural that many of the football lovers who can't wait to wait for the 2018 World Cup.

Therefore, we may act like a psychic to guess who is the strongest candidate to become the best soccer team in the world this year. Because, there are five teams who have a great chance to become champions in the 2018 World Cup Russia.

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Here are five countries that have a chance to become champions in the 2018 World Cup Russia:

5. Portugal

Portugal National Team

It's hard not to include Portugal in the list of winners of the World Cup title 2018, considering they are still a status as European ruler. Yes, Portugal can surprisingly come out as European Cup champions in 2016 by beating France in the final.

With that fact, it is only natural that Portugal can return its shock power to the world football lover by becoming champion in the 2018 World Cup. Why not? After all, they also have done in France.

Not only will appear without, Portugal itself currently already has a squad of young players and combination of experience is quite extraordinary. The names of Joao Mario, Luis Nani, to Cristiano Ronaldo will be good mentors for young players like Renato Sanches, Bernardo Silva, and Andre Silva.

Not only that, the fact that the 2018 World Cup Russia may be the last big event this Ronaldo with Portugal, became an additional motivation for Fernando Santos's children. Of course, they do not want their best players to finish a career without feeling the sweetness of the World Cup title.

4. Argentina

Argetina National Team

Argentina is struggling to get a ticket to Russia. The reason, Argentina had failed to fail in 2018 World Cup because failing to show the appearance in qualifying South America zone.

Lucky they are able to improve their performance in the last few matches until finally qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals. The arrival of Argentina in the 2018 World Cup made them become one of the champions.

Because in addition to having a number of quality players in the squad, the 2018 World Cup may also be the last chance for Lionel Messi present an international title for his country.

For Messi, himself is now 30 years old, and several times expressed his desire to retire from the national team. And the failure in the 2018 World Cup, maybe more intense Messi's desire to finish his adventure with Argentina.

3. France

France National Team

France may fail to win at European Cup 2016 after losing 0-1 from Portugal. Will they have a great chance to pay for his failure by bringing home World Cup trophies from Russia this year?

The entry of France itself in this list is not without good reason. The reason, the French have found the figure of their new generation of gold in Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, N'Golo Kante, Ousmane Dembele, to Kylian Mbappe.

The composition of the young talents was pretty good with a mix of senior players like Hugo Lloris, Laurent Koscielny, Olivier Giroud, and Blaise Matuidi. But that being, almost half of the players in the French squad now play in the Premier League. Which one is the busiest in the world, until-yet know Christmas. The situation could have an impact on the physical condition of the French players when show up in World Cup match.

2. Brazil

Brazil National Team

With the status as the owner of the World Cup title, it is strange that Brazil is not on this list. Moreover, Brazil became one of the last team guaranteed a place to the 2018 World Cup besides the host Russia.

In addition, Brazil itself currently has a pretty strong squad in every lininya. Which they did not find when they held the same event four years ago at home.

At this time the Brazil squad can be said to be a more mature squad with the age of 26-29 years on the players. Brazilian gait will feel more attractive with the presence of a number of talented young players in the self Gabriel Jesus, Marquinhos, to Ederson Moraes.

The combination of experienced players and young players feels more comfortable under the direction of renowned coaches in self Adenor Leonardo Bacchi or often called Tite. With all that, it is worth the Brazilian gait in the 2018 World Cup.

1. Germany

Germany National Team

Same with France, Germany may fail miserably in the 2016 European Cup. Will it not be a benchmark for their gait in the 2018 World Cup finals. Moreover, Germany itself status as a champion of FIFA World Cup 2014.

Five Countries That Have a Chance to Become Champions

Figo expects the Portugal national team to be the champion

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Figo expects the Portugal national team to be the champion

Real Madrid legend Luis Figo expects the Portugal national team to be the champion in the upcoming 2018 World Cup.

Portugal managed to pass the qualifying round and then being in group B, they can get away with only one defeat.

Cristiano Ronaldo cs can get away as group winners with Raihan 27 points. They are ahead of goal difference over Switzerland in second place.

In the draw in the final round, Portugal get into group B. Their opponents in the group are Spain, Morocco, and Iran.

Figo also very hope Selecao can escape from the group phase and after that can be the champion. He also claimed to be a champion would be very difficult, but he still hopes Portugal can continue his brilliant achievement in Euro 216 ago.

"Portugal have a good team, but we got a tough draw with Spain, Iran, and Morrocco," he told them.

"But we hope to qualify for the next stage, our goal is to reach the final, but this is a very tight competition," he admitted.

"We have high hopes to perform well, however, and to ensure we continue our good work after winning the European Championships last year," Figo exclaimed.

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Franck Ribery

While on the other hand, Ribery Still Upset About Black Goat in France.

Franck Ribery said he still traumatized by the attitude of the French citizens, who could make it a scapegoat for the failure of the national team.

Ribery felt that he was the only person who bears the burden of responsibility after France played so badly and have to come home early in the 2010 World Cup.

At that time the Roosters team also showed embarrassing behavior after their players by showing rebellious attitude to head coach Raymond Domenech.

And up to now, Ribery still hold a grudge on the media, which he thinks has a big role in the treatment he gets.

"2010 ago, they need someone to blame," he explained at Goal International. "Everyone in France believes I am the problem - even my parents too."

"I can not forget the attitude of some French media, it is a scar that continues to persist in me, it is too painful."

Ribery's contract at Bayern Munich will run out at the end of this season.

Theo Walcott

Arsenal midfielder, Theo Walcott, reportedly ready to take part in a new club with the status of a loan player. The decision have to take for the sake of securing a place in the England squad for the World Cup in 2018.

Reported by from Goal, time play Theo Walcott in the 2017-2018 season is not much. He has just dropped 15 times for Arsenal where nine of them took place in FA Cup or Premier League Cup competitions.

Finally, Walcott came down as Arsenal lost 2-4 to Nottingham Forest in the third round of the FA Cup on Sunday (7/1/2018). In fact, his contract will run out at the end of the season.

Walcott thinks he should have more time to play if he wants to convince England coach Gareth Southgate. He was ready if it should be loan until the end of the season.

By chance, Southampton is having the interest in Walcott. The Saints' team coach, Mauricio Pellegrino, once said that Walcott would be fit for his team.

On the other hand, Arsenal's Arsenal tactician, Arsene Wenger, hopes otherwise.

"I want Theo Walcott to survive.Really, I hear the interest of Southampton, but I hope Walcott survive," said Wenger, two days before the game versus Nottingham Forest.

Luis Figo, Franck Ribery and Theo Walcott for World Cup 2018

Friday, 5 January 2018

Organizing Committee Remove Mutko from the World Cup

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Organizing Committee Remove Mutko from the World Cup
Organizing Committee Remove Mutko from the World Cup
Russian Deputy Prime Minister for Sports Mutko already exclude from the supervisory board of the organizing committee "Russia-2018" - an organization that prepares for the World Cup. The document on the exclusion sign by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Mutko was the head of the organizing committee - this post is take by the organization's general director Alexei Sorokin.

Mutko, Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Government for Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy, lost one of the three posts he had during the last year - the post of head of the organizing committee "Russia-2018", which is preparing the upcoming World Cup.

that the official is going to resign in the organizing committee of the mundialya, it became known as early as December 27, 2017, but the documents sign on January 4, 2018.

The order to exclude Mutko from the supervisory board of the organizing committee "Russia-2018" is sign by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Instead, the general director Alexei Sorokin choose the chairman of it's organization, who will now combine the two posts at once.

"Sorokin will interact with the International Football Federation (FIFA). I will also coordinate the work of the government. Sorokin will receive all the necessary support from the state as head of the organizing committee. The World Cup project is in a high degree of readiness, a lot things already settle up. And the tasks that we have not yet solved in the outgoing year will complete soon, "Mutko promised in a TASS commentary.

Sorokin himself assured that he would not experience big difficulties with combining posts.

"In fact, the management of the organizing committee will not undergo any major changes. We regret these changes, but everything will continue in the working mode, and Leontievich will continue to supervise the training as vice-premier. I am ready to combine posts, there are no big difficulties, the project is almost done, there are operational activities where the functions of the chairman and the general director of the organizing committee will be similar, "the official said.

FIFA appreciated Mutko's voluntary withdrawal from office.

"FIFA understands Mutko's decision, which was also adopted in the interests of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

FIFA thanks him for such a responsible step and the work done so far to prepare for the World Cup, "the organization said.

According to the vice-premier, he decided to leave the Organizing Committee in connection with the sanctions imposed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), , for life suspension from the Olympics.

This verdict is make by the IOC Executive Committee on December 5 - at the same time, when the entire Russian national team was not allowed before the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korean Pyeongchang due to alleged doping violations.

IOC considered that Mutko could also have something to do with the machinations with the samples during the Games-2014.

"I can not agree with what is being said about the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. So I made a decision that I would file an action with the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) to challenge the decision about my suspension from the Olympics.

I can not substitute a doping test in any way, so my accusations are unfound, "Mutko said.

The official has already appealed to the CAS, and while the proceedings are ongoing, he intends to focus on public work.

Earlier, on December 25, Mutko left another post - the president of the Russian Football Union (RFU). But, this departure, unlike the exception from the organizing committee "Russia-2018", will be temporary - only for six months.

At the same time, the presidential mandate, which the deputy prime minister won, having won the election of the head of the RFU in September 2016, will remain in force.

substitute Mutko is the company's CEO Alexander Alaev, who immediately announced that he was waiting for his predecessor to return as soon as possible.

Organizing Committee Remove Mutko from the World Cup

"Exactly two years ago we did not talk about football, but talked about the need to save the organization, and, in fact, Vitaliy Leontievich did it," stressed Alayev. - Today we all need to concentrate, we have full contact with clubs and federations - this is a football family. I hope that the suspension will be reduce, because Leontievich is the best in football, we will miss him. We must do everything to ensure that all our teams perform well, and I will do my best for this. "

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World Cup 2018 - Total Prize Of Million Dollars!

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World Cup 2018 Total Prize Of Million Dollars!

The 2018 World Cup has budgeted huge cash prizes for the best clubs. The committee has set aside 400 million US dollars.

The total cash prize is the greatest when compared with the previous World Cup edition. At the World Cup 2014 yesterday, the total prize reached only 358 million US dollars.

The first winner in the competition which will take place on 14 June to 15 July 2018 will receive a cash prize of US $ 38 million.

The team that won the World Cup 2014 in Brazil yesterday earned only 35 million US dollars. The team that received the prize was Germany who came out as champion one.

Here are the total prizes for the 2018 World Cup best team in Russia 2018 according to the Financial Tribune:

  1. Champion 1: 38 million US dollars
  2. Runner-up: 28 million US dollars
  3. Champion 3: 24 million US dollars
  4. Champion 4: 22 million US dollars

Argentina coach Watch 60 Players for the 2018 World Cup

Argentina national team coach Jorge Sampaoli has monitored 60 players who could potentially enter the Tango squad for the 2018 World Cup.

Sampaoli and the Albiceleste coaching team will embark on a European tour meeting with some Argentine players and club coaches where the players are sheltering.

"We will start conducting interviews related to rivals in the first round [at the World Cup]," Sampaoli said as reported by Xinhua.

Argentina, which is one of the top seeds and in pot one at the time of the draw of the 2018 World Cup group will compete with Iceland, Croatia, and Nigeria.
"We want to see what happens, specifically we want to talk to the coach we follow players, we also want to talk to a coach who can tell us their experience at the World Cup before," said the former Chile coach.

"From 45 to 60 players we have to choose 23. We hope to have the spirit and wisdom to be able to choose correctly," continued Sampaoli.

The owners of the two world titles almost failed to pass to the 2018 World Cup. Lionel Messi and his friends had to wait until the last Matchday in the South American zone to ensure a ticket to Russia 2018. The 3-1 victory over Ecuador in the last game, making Argentina appear in World Cup 17th.

After occupying the championship podium in 1978 and 1986, Argentina's best achievement was runner-up in the 1990 and 2014 events. The challenge of reaching the World Cup is also a special mission for Lionel Messi who is often accused of failing at the national team level.

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Defeat De Bruyne and Lukaku, Eden Hazard Player of Belgium Belgium 2017

Chelsea's Eden Hazard has just been named the best player of Belgium 2017. He beat two of his toughest rivals, Kevin de Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku.

In a vote, the 26-year-old dominated the vote. He pocketed 10,280 points. Meanwhile, De Bruyne who is ranked second only get points as much as 4710, Lukaku in third place collect 3,223 points.

Hazard's victory as a Belgian best player could not be separated from his contribution to Chelsea last season who became Premier League champions. In addition, the former Lille player is also many roles in delivering Belgium qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

Throughout the year 2017, Hazard is able to collect 12 goals while De Bruyne is only 10 goals. In the new season, De Bruyne appearance with Manchester City is very significant. But it has not been able to shift gait Hazard throughout 2017.

On the international stage, Hazard does not appear as often as De Bruyne. Hazard only played five times throughout 2017 while De Bruyne played eight times with the national team. However, Hazard appears more impressive by collecting three goals and two assists.

Javier Hernandez Wants to Bring Mexico to the 2018 World Cup Final

Not only to bring Mexico to the final, Hernandez also aspires to win the World Cup with his country.

Attacker Javier Hernandez has a high goal of bringing Mexico to reach the 2018 World Cup final and become champion.
Mexico itself is drawn in Group F which is relatively heavy because in it there is the defending champion Germany, not to mention Sweden and South Korea that cannot be underestimated.

Even so, the attacker nicknamed Chicharito is optimistic that his country can talk a lot in Russia in June-July.
"We [Mexico] are not just eyeing the quarter-finals, we do not want to limit our ambitions," West Ham's West Ham player told the club's official website.

"We want to dream as high as possible because we know we have potential. Every team in the World Cup has a chance and we want to deploy the best, with the dream of going to the finals and even winning the World Cup. "

Chicharito also realizes that his country group is tough and judges Germany to be favored for the tournament. He added: "You can not tell which team will qualify for the next round. Germany is definitely a favorite, but three other teams will also try to qualify.

"We have a great preparation for the next six months, with a lot of matches going to the World Cup, which will be crucial to help us prepare and be as fit as possible in the tournament.